Where can I access SHOWTIME?
You can access SHOWTIME by visiting our site in, and do not forget to bookmark it

How can I be a content creator?
After being a SHOWTIME member, you may switch to become a content creator, start uploading your works, and earn revenue. But please be noted that you need to be at least 18 years old to be a content creator in SHOWTIME

What do I get on SHOWTIME?
By joining SHOWTIME Premium Membership, you will get tokens and you can use the tokens to download EXCLUSIVE CONTENTS from hundreds of content creators in SHOWTIME. Enjoy weekly or monthly premium membership and get all the exclusive contents you love!

I purchased the content but I can’t download it.
First, please check on your download folder if you already downloaded the contents or check on the download notification in your device if there is any download happening. If you still can’t receive your content, please contact our Customer Service at [email protected] and please tell us your device, payment method, and proof of your content purchase from Pay and Play.

I cannot login or create an account in SHOWTIME.
If you cannot login, please kindly send email to our Customer Service by telling us your Username, last login, and last content purchased by you. If you cannot create an account, please send us a ticket at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

I got an error message when I want to access SHOWTIME at
This can have many reasons most likely related to your phone's internet settings or browser configuration. First please check your internet settings in your handset for WEB or WAP access. Then check your 3G or 4G settings and make sure your phone is mobile data enabled. If you open your handset browser, go to your network operators site as a test. If you need help to set-up your correct SETTINGS, please contact your mobile network operator's customer care department or go into a nearby shop.

I cannot upload my Competition Contents?
You can access it and upload it manually via the uploader in My Profile > See Ongoing Events. If the upload still failed, please check the requirements and match it with your Competition Contents. The uploaded contents on every section must suit the content requirements.

Can I use the Competition Contents for any uploads outside SHOWTIME?
As mentioned in Terms and Conditions on Competition Contents segment, the uploaded Competition Contents will be owned by SHOWTIME and not for any usages outside SHOWTIME